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Everything You Need to Know About Sizing a Ring

How to Navigate the World of Ring Sizes and Understand the Variations to Consider when Selecting a Ring

Sizing can be Tricky!

Shopping for a ring? Nothing is more fun! Have you seen our new engagement ring collection and played with our jewelry customizer? However you customize, the fit is crucial. There is a sizing convention you should understand and considerations you know about. Maybe you are looking for a friend or shopping for a gift. When gifting shop in a place that understands size and has generous return policies in case you need to adjust. But whether you’re looking for yourself or as a gift for someone else, here’s how to consider the right ring size. Can I measure my ring size at home? Of course! Head to our ring sizing guide and print it out to get started — we’ve included a measuring bar at the top of the page to make sure that you print it to the correct scale. Then you can use it to find your ring size in one of two ways:

  • From an existing ring: Simply place your ring inside the circles until you find the one that fits. You’ll need to make sure that the inside of your ring sits nicely against the circle — it shouldn’t cover it up.

  • From your finger: You’ll need a length of string (or floss) for this, and it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t stretch. Wrap it around the base of your finger — or above the knuckle, if that’s where you intend to wear your ring — and mark the point where it completes the circle. Then, measure this length in millimeters or inches, and compare it to the circumferences in our table to find your ring size.

Is there a best time to get measured?

Finding your ring size is like shopping for shoes — your fingers can swell up slightly towards the end of the day, just as your feet do. You might also find that your fingers feel more swollen in the heat. So we recommend measuring your fingers around the middle of the day when they’re at a comfortable room temperature.

Does the style of ring make a difference?

As a general rule, wide bands feel more snug on the finger than slim, delicate styles, so you may want to size up slightly with our wider rings for a more comfortable fit.

Any tips for buying a ring as a gift?

Looking for the correct ring size for someone else? It’s tricky… but not impossible. The easiest way to get it right is to borrow one of her rings without her noticing, and measure it against our sizing guide printout. (If you don’t think you can get away with that, an even quicker method is to press the ring into a bar of soap and then use the imprint for comparison). 

But unless you’re shopping for an engagement ring, or a ring for a specific finger, remember that you have a little leeway: if you’re in the right ballpark, she’ll wear it on the finger where it fits best.

I’m ordering from outside the US. Are ring sizes the same everywhere?

Good question! Tiary uses US and Canada sizing, with our rings ranging from size 3 to 10. 

International ring sizes don’t correspond to the same numbers (and Australia and the UK use letters instead). So make sure to refer to our ring sizing guide for the correct fit. 

So What if I Get the Size Wrong?

Start with a reputable jeweler and don't pay until you understand the return policy and get a feel of the return culture of the salespeople. When gifting shop at places you trust. But don’t worry — we’ve got you if you want to shop with us. At Tiary, we’ll resize your ring once for free within 45 days of the original shipment date.

Ready to find your perfect fit now that you’ve got the hang of ring sizing? Shop our selection of rings. And if you really want some fun, take a look at our new line of engagement rings and see what happens when you turn the customizer up to 3-carat diamond size!