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Oh, Halo There Roped Necklace

"My husband bought me this beautiful 14k gold necklace with our daughters first initial, M, on it as a push present. We dealt with unexplained infertility for 5 years before our baby girl. I now have this necklace as a constant reminder of our blessing"


Off the Grid Necklace

Chain Letter Mini Necklace — Solo

"My Tiary pieces are so special to me. They remind me of the people I love in my life. I get to keep them close to my heart everyday!"


Autograph Pavé Necklace

"I’ve always loved Carrie Bradshaw and her ‘Carrie’ necklace she wore. When I got my first big promotion at work I got a ‘Brittany’ necklace to commemorate the hard work I put forth and to keep the zest of risk and reward alive in my daily life. Much like Carrie I discovered myself during that time. Fast forward, I now have a beautiful baby boy. I’ve traded out my name for his as a remind to be grateful for life and because happiness multiplies ten fold when you become a mom. I’ve discovered a new Brittany during this time in the form of my sweet boy, Riggs."


Chain Letter Mini Pavé Bracelet — Quattro

""My wife loves her necklace featuring the letters J-A-L-I: our four childrens' initials. Thank you, Tiary for working with me to make the perfect piece." - Brandon"

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