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Chain Letter Mini Pavé Bracelet — Quattro

""My wife loves her necklace featuring the letters J-A-L-I: our four childrens' initials. Thank you, Tiary for working with me to make the perfect piece." - Brandon"


The Letter Pavé Ring

"I recently got married earlier this year and although I adore my wedding rings- I wanted something that signified my new last name. The Letter Ring was the perfect choice, it is so delicate and simple. It is the perfect reminder of a perfect day."


Autograph Girls Necklace

"I got this necklace with my name on it as a gift from my Grandma. She also gave all my cousins one as well. We now all have something that is special to each one of us and I think of my grandma every time I wear it."


Tack it Up Earrings

"I could not be happier with my gift! Let me say one thing 14K ROSE GOLD! I’m obsessed and they are the perfect colour for fall and will match my entire wardrobe!"

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