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Open Letters Ring

"I created this piece to celebrate a moment in my life. I have achieved what I wanted, after working so hard to reach my dreams. It's kinda like a tap on my own back ;)"


Under My Love Spell Bracelet

"I made these four bracelets with each of my children’s initials and birthstones. It makes me smile whenever I look at them. Now my girls want me to make one for them too!” - showing off our gorgeous Under My Love Spell bracelets, customizable with initials and gemstones!"


Tag Me Necklace

"Rachel designed this just-because piece with her initial in her birthstone. There's nothing like a little self-love this time of year!"


Open Letters Ring

"I keep my jewelry drawer minimal, because I truly love every piece. I created this custom ring that has been on my wish-list for ages! I chose the first letter of my and my husband’s names along with our birthstones."

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