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How to Mix and Match Metal Necklaces for Color, Style, Statement, and a Perfect Gift for Someone Special

Blend your necklace choices for a signature look with different metals and discover what a friend is missing so you have a gift for them

Mixed Choices

If there’s one jewelry question we get asked a lot, it’s this: can you wear gold and silver together? We’re all for switching up your jewelry in the name of self-expression. And there is so much to work with! Aside from the question of varied necklace length, the metals you show offer different hues brightness, and degrees of warmth. The choice and the statement are yours to make. So here are our thoughts about how to mix your metals for maximum effect.

From Style no-no to Major Jewelry Trend

Did anyone ever tell you to never wear black with navy? Or to put your white pants in storage immediately after Labor Day? The mixed-metal jewelry ban is just another one of those outdated rules that you can forget about with a clear conscience. When even British society magazine Tatler says it’s OK, you know that you can mix your metals at any fancy event where you might meet the Queen.

Mixing Metals, Minimalist Edition

One of the easiest ways to wear gold and silver together is in a single piece of jewelry. Here’s where our custom charms can help. Add a rose gold charm to a contrasting color pendant, or try multiple gold charms with a silver chain, to create a one-step minimalist look that’s subtly off-kilter. And is there a better, funner gift for someone than a jewelry charm? Different kinds of metal react differently with light during the day. Yellow gold is great indoors. Silver is brilliant in mid-day. And rose gold glows warmly at night. And your skin tone makes a difference in how metal hues project.

Streamlined Stacks

Even when you’re wearing a stack, you can still keep it minimal if you stick to the same — or similar — styles. We love pairing a silver bracelet with its yellow or rose gold twin for a co-ordinated mixed-metal combo; or try gold and silver jewelry from within the same collection to keep everything in harmony. For a starting place, take a look at our signature icons collection. These will sit well together in any combination of metals. Take a look at our personalized necklaces in your choice of metal. One of our favorite tricks is to mix and match your metals with abandon while keeping the color of the stones consistent across your jewelry — always choosing amethysts, say, or topaz. Finally, why not try wearing your gold rings on one hand and silver on the other for a chic take on the trend?

The Maximalist Manifesto for Wearing Gold and Silver Together

OK, here’s where you get to have some fun (actually, lots of fun) and throw away the rule book: set aside some time for a trying-on session and see what makes you feel good. We love wearing a mix of delicate gold and silver pieces together with casual outfits — it dresses up your everyday jeans-and-a-tee while still feeling totally effortless. But it’s not just for off-duty days. A stack of necklaces or bracelets in different metals looks fresh and unexpected for evening, breathing new life into your faithful LBD. With holiday party season on its way, it’s a styling trick worth embracing. Want to have fun with combinations? Come shop at Tiay: Take what we make and make it your own.