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Christmas List Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to filling your Wishlist for Christmas with Customized Jewelry Gifts

Find Christmas list ideas, presents online that are truly meaningful gifts of customized jewelry.

Wishlist for Christmas

It's that most wonderful time of the year! How do you decide about the perfect gift to give? To make this year stand out and shine with Christmas cheer, consider giving a thoughtful piece of jewelry unique to you with a custom name or phrase that has meaning and is perfect for gifts. Or initial it with custom initials.

Absolutely nothing stops a clock like someone opening a jewelry box at the Holidays! There is no last minute present idea as powerful as something customized with the words and names that are the language of your life. At Tiary we specialize in customized fine jewelry, the real stuff. We make it the the best materials, handcrafted in North America, and we deliver it customized in two weeks. Can't wait? We also have ready-to-ship items for last minute Christmas presents that mail in two to four days. Christmas list ideas? In this guide, we'll explore some tips, tricks, and ideas to help you choose the perfect jewelry Christmas gifts to be delivered, a gift that matters for your people that matter.

1. Spy Work: Find Their Personal Style and Meaning to make a Thoughtful Gift List

To find that perfect expression take notice and do your reconissaince. You want your gift to arrive as a unique statement. You want the profound feeling that you care, and you pay attention to what really counts. What kind of jewelry does she wear? Do you see rings, or bracelets, or necklaces, or maybe all three? Which items show most? Do you see duplicates? Pay attention to the style. Do you see big and bold or small and dainty? What colors do you see? Is there silver or gold, or maybe warm, coppery warm gold?

People wear jewelry on purpose. They think about the look and the meaning of what they wear, the combinations, the colors, and how much the items stand out, or blend into the background. If you can get inside the meaning, then you have a recipe that is perfect for gifts. That’s why we customize our jewelry for your biggest gift statement. Customization amplifies meaning with a personal statement.

2. What are you trying to say with your gift?

Your holiday gift is speaking a message. What do you want to say? Is this about durable love and partnership? Is it about the close bonds of family? Are feelings just beginning to emerge so you are looking for careful expressions of romance, how you feel, and the possibilities ahead? Is your gift about the bonds of friendship?

Your goal is to overlap her style and preference with your gift statement. Your selection should keep both things in mind.

For a romantic gift consider the symbolism of something displayed close to her heart, maybe a customized pendant necklace. For the bonds of family consider the symbolism of earrings worn close to the head and that show themselves with every turn of the face. For the durability of a lasting relationship, there is nothing like the symbolic power of rings, worn on the hand where the work gets done. If you want to back off on the symbolism consider a smaller statement like a bracelet. Whatever you select, make sure the size, the weight, the metal, the stone, the color all look consistent with what the person naturally likes and wears.

3. Maybe start Broadly: Hobbies, Interests and Personal Passions

Depending on how close or personal you want your gift statement to be, you can start broadly with generalized interests. Consider complimenting their hobbies and interests. Do they love nature and the outdoors? Are they moved by causes that inspire them? Is there a place on the map and out in the world that has meaning, maybe where they come from or where they are longing to go? Is there a dream or aspiration that lights the fire of their day-to-day efforts? You want to be the dreamweaver with your gift. Can you put a name on their dreams, identify it, and create a meaningful gift talisman with a piece of customized jewelry? A customized piece like a bracelet can underscore those passions. It shows that you care that your gift is thoughtful and that you pay attention to detail.

4. Customizing to Drill Down to Inside Meaning

Once you have a particular kind of jewelry that fits the person, and you know your sense of statement in making the gift, then consider how you can maximize the impact through customizing. A nameplate necklace is a perfect example. It is a fine jewelry expression that carries a special name that speaks to the world about your cares and personal priorities. You can also customize less specifically. Try words or phrases that are special in meaningful, but not necessarily as exact as a person's name. Some people are shy and indirect. For them you can find a code of meaning that is not known to everyone, but only those on the inside of a relationship. Consider birthstone jewelry, zodiac-inspired pieces, or engraved pendants with initials or special dates.

When considering all your Christmas gift ideas, you should know that customized jewelry carries perhaps the biggest payload of meaning. Customized options crank up the meeting. They show that you've put thought into choosing something unique that resonates with shared sentiment and knowledge.

Understand about Quality and Craftsmanship

The gift statement you make with your Christmas list ideas is not just on the surface. You want to give quality that reflects meaning and purpose. You want a quality vendor and true materials. There is a lot of costume jewelry out there. What is that? Costume jewelry is made of inexpensive, artificial-colored stones like rhinestones or lucite. Costume jewelry uses cheaper metals like pewter, nickel, or copper. Costume jewelry can also use precious metals like silver and gold, but they may be plated - not solid metal but only precious metal on the surface - and they may blend the metals with cheaper stuff.

The thing is: People who know their jewelry know the difference between costume jewelry and the real thing. If you mean to be thoughtful about your gift, then understand the real thing.

Silver is blended with copper to make it durable, but also to make it cheaper. To make a pure statement of meaning you want to look for the standard of "925 sterling silver". That means 92.5% pure silver. If the jewelry says "sterling silver" without "925" engraved in the piece, that means you are likely getting more copper and less silver. Look for the number 925.

The same goes for gold. The purity of gold is measured in carats. You've probably heard of "14-carat gold" or "24-carat gold". Pure, 100% gold is 24 carats. If the carat number goes down then there are increasingly other metals blended in with the gold, maybe copper, zinc, nickel, iron, etc.

There is a practical reason to blend metal with gold because gold is so soft. Pure, 24-carat gold is so soft that it is easily damaged. To get more durability you might go to 18-carat gold (that has 75% gold). For a strong statement that you care about the jewelry you give don't go with gold filled, and don't go less than 14-carat (that is 58.3% gold).

For gemstones, we prefer gems made in the laboratory because we know exactly where they come from. Diamonds that are man-made don't come from a torn-up mine with chemicals like mercury used to extract them. Not many jewelers will tell you specifically where their diamonds come from: They may cite one or more countries. There are diamonds from countries like Canada with fair labor practices and where the political and economic situations don't fall prey to smuggling or financing armed conflicts. But often diamonds come from sketchy places. Standards like the "Kimberley Process" are supposed to give you a seal of approval that the diamonds are OK, but these standards are imperfect at best and seriously controversial because of loopholes and lack of transparency in the certification process.

For us, we like knowing exactly where the diamonds come from, the date, time, and place where they were made. All our engagement diamonds are from a lab, and as of this writing, all our vendors have agreed to change over diamond sourcing of all our categories to laboratory stones. That full changeover will happen over the next few months with new pricing and inventory.

Any jewelry will tell you that the truth of the matter is laboratory diamonds are identical to mined diamonds. Usually, the lab stones have higher clarity and fewer defects or "inclusions" so they are typically superior. But many people like the tradition of mined diamonds. They are rare. There are only so many in the ground. Accordingly, the price of a lab diamond is less than half of a mined stone! To us, that is a huge opportunity to buy something real and beautiful. So, you can go with a big size with zero sacrifice of buying the real thing (Try it! Go to the customizer of this ring and crank up the carat weight setting to 3 carats! Now that is awesome!)

Getting it Done this Christmas

Consider bringing home all of the best wishes of the Holiday by selecting a meaningful gift of customized jewelry. Consider their personal style and draw informed conclusions about what they like and wear. Then consider the gift statement you want to make. .

We can help. We customize fine jewelry, never filled, never substandard. Our return policies are sacred and solid. Tiary makes quality, customized jewelry, handcrafted in North America. We deliver it to you in two weeks. We also have these ready-to-ship items that ship out to you immediately.