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Customized Jewelry: The 4 Best Graduation Gifts

What is the best gift for graduation this year?

Picture displaying Chain Letter Bracelets and Anklets in Solid Rose Gold and Yellow Gold.

At graduation there is so much life change to think about. There are old friends you will leave behind, serious choices to make about the future, and dreams you must work to make real. In the jewelry business, we like to think that we help give wings to your dreams. We are the place where you go to celebrate life's best moments. Let me write a little today about how a personalized piece of jewelry is perfect to mark the moment of graduation.

Jewelry is perfect at marking a moment with a glittering accent point. And jewelry is made to last and so is more meaningful. Has your grandmother ever shown you her jewelry?

For graduates jewelry gifts deserve special attention. Graduates are not just celebrating an achievement. They are moving to the next stage of life and building a jewelry wardrobe for their future. That's why lab-grown diamond studs are a staple gift at graduation time.

Elegant and timeless, a set of stud earrings is also incredibly versatile for wardrobe wants and needs. You might have heard about lab-grown diamonds They are big news!. Created in a laboratory, usually using chemical vapor deposition, these diamonds are geometric rows of carbon, optically and structurally identical to a mined diamond out of the ground. With special equipment like a spectrometer a jeweler might be able to tell the difference between a lab grown and mined diamond. But here's the thing:

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds that are about a third of the price of mined stones. Take a look at a starter set of lab grown diamond stud earrings at $550 for half a carat total weight. Try the site where you can toggle the metal and the size of the stone to consider.

What is really great about graduation jewelry gifts is when you customize something and make it deeply personal. Charms are an excellent choice. Charms are emblems of living that highlight the best moments. The symbolism of a charm marks a chapter of life in meaningful way. You can customize a charm gift with metal and language so they make just the right statement. Customized pendant bracelets and necklaces are some of the most touching and personal graduation gifts you can give. With every person in every chapter of life there is a word, or a name, or a date with deep personal significance. Crafting living language into jewelry is what we do best at Tiary. We have the flexibility for you to choose the metal, and decorate your creation with the stones of your choice. You can try out your design online and then we'll handcraft your creation in North America and deliver it to you within 2 weeks. Many of our pendants are ready to ship and can go out immediately.

Jewelry is a gift that stops the clock for just a moment in a brilliant glow of celebration. Customized jewerly can make exactly the right statement at graduation and lock your best wishes into something fun, precious, and long lasting. When you personalize a gift you not only shine a light on success, you help move your graduate forward with love in those first steps out into the world.