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Top Five Personalized Gift Hacks for Online Shopping in 2023

Top Personalized Gifts in 2023

Gift-giving can be both a joyful and a stressful experience. Where can you find great surprise gift items that are thoughtful, and get delivered fast? We believe in this stuff. Tiary offers personalized jewelry designed for just this need. Customized Tiary jewelry lets you make a piece of jewelry unique to your life and the people in it.

There are plenty of sources on the internet for gift ideas and a wealth of resources to help you find the perfect present. Of course, there is always Amazon, Etsy, Pinterest, and Instagram, the go-to shopping sources for anything and everything.

If you are looking for more specialized online shopping approaches for gifts, here are five top personalized online shopping sources: 1. Uncommon Goods: Like the website says: Uncommon Goods is an online retailer that specializes in unique and quirky gifts. Sometimes you need a range of ideas to find the right gift fit. Uncommon Goods offers items from personalized art prints to unusual kitchen gadgets. They have a handy section dedicated to gifts for specific occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, and holidays.

2. The Grommet: The Grommet promises “innovative products that you never knew existed but can’t live without”. The Grommet curates a unique selection of products from small businesses and independent makers, so you can feel good about supporting small businesses while finding the perfect gift. They have pages dedicated to gifts for specific interests, such as foodies, travelers, and pet lovers, making it easy to find a gift that's tailored to your recipient's hobbies and passions.

3. JG Gift Guide: JG Gift Guide is an online gift resource that provides ideas and recommendations for gifts for various occasions, including birthdays, weddings, holidays, and special occasions of all kinds. The site is organized into different sections, each with its curated selection of gift ideas. For example, the "Homebody" section features gifts for people who love to stay at home, while the "Eco-Friendly" section features gifts that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

4. Society6: For an online marketplace with interesting and creative gift ideas consider Society6. What is unusual about Society6 is that the designs of the products are created by independent artists who receive a portion of the sale proceeds. You can browse by category and then filter your choices to customize size and material to your liking.

5. Uncommon James: Uncommon James is an unusual online retailer that is perfect for creative gift ideas for beauty, jewelry, apparel, home, and more. Their products are designed to be unique and eye-catching, making them great gifts for anyone who loves to stand out.

Five Personalized Gift Hacks

1. Use gift recommendation websites: Many websites specialize in recommending gifts based on the recipient's interests, age, and occasion. These websites use algorithms to suggest gifts that are likely to be well-received. Some are branching into the power of Artificial Intelligence. is a popular gift recommendation site.

2. Check out curated gift guides: Many sites have great guides for various occasions, such as holidays, birthdays, or weddings. Some great examples of these include Real Simple, Refinery29, and BuzzFeed. These gift guides bring a lot of creative thought and industry experience and feature a curated selection of products hand-picked by experts.

3. Consider subscription boxes: Subscription boxes are increasingly popular as a gift idea that keeps giving throughout the year. These offer a monthly delivery of curated products based on a category such as beauty, wellness, or home decor. These days there are a lot to choose from including Birchbox (beauty subscription box that delivers a monthly selection of makeup, skincare, hair care, and fragrance samples), FabFitFun (lifestyle subscription box that delivers a seasonal selection of full-sized beauty, wellness, fashion, and home decor products), Blue Apron (a meal kit subscription box that delivers all the ingredients and recipes needed to cook dinner at home), and KiwiCo (a range of subscription boxes for kids of all ages, featuring science and art projects, educational games, and more).

4. Shop for Experiences: If you are thinking creatively you may want to shop for a gift of experiences. LivingSocial is an online marketplace that offers discounted deals on travel, dining, and activities. The website partners with local businesses to offer deals and discounts to its users. You can look for deals in your area or for travel deals in other locations. Once you find a deal you can purchase and get a voucher or coupon to redeem your deal at the participating business. These gifts range from restaurant meals and spa treatments or maybe concert tickets and a travel package. These deals are often discounted and this can be up to 50%.

5. And always consider a special personalized gift: Tiary specializes in customized jewelry because we believe personalized products mean more to our customers. Personalized gifts are a great way to show someone that you put thought and effort into their gift.

Why Personalized Gifts can be the Best Choice

Here at Tiary, we can’t stop praising the idea of our customers creating their jewelry. When you give a personalized gift, it shows that you put thought and effort into the gift: By personalizing a gift with someone's name, initials, or a special message, you're showing that you took the time to think about the person and the occasion. And because of this, personalized gifts create a sentimental connection. They're one-of-a-kind and create a connection between the gift giver and the gift recipient.

We hope you enjoyed these five top personalized gift hacks for online shopping in 2023. Through the power of the Internet you have a huge range of options, tools for comparison, and filtering choices, often with fast and convenient delivery to any destination of your choice. But internet shopping is tricky. It’s easy to get into idea ruts. But with some creative approaches, you can find the best ideas that match your thinking.

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