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4 Reasons you Should Unleash your Spirit and Love with a Customized Engagement Ring

Learn about the choices now available to design your wedding jewelry, including the incredible price advantage of a diamond made in a lab.

Are you vibrant, passionate, and creative? And are you getting ready to embark upon the most exciting journey of your lifetime?  Hold on tight because we want to tell you about something extraordinary: custom engagement jewelry like this. That's right! Design your own ring and it comes to you in two weeks!  Really, try out the customizer on this beautiful ring, change to a pave band, change the metal tones and stone size, and watch the ring transform to your vision! Here's a way to make your love story a burst of energy and positivity that is all about you, your style, your love, and your big day.

1) It's about your creativity and expression

You have your style, your look, your sense of spirit for life, and your visual signature that you show to the world. Why buy a cookie-cutter ring when you can design a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that represents your love story?  And why not buy clean origin diamonds from a lab? Custom engagement jewelry opens design options in stone shape, metal, and personalized embellishments, like personal symbals and crescent jewelry. Have you considered a striking heart shaped engagement ring? This gives you the freedom to create a lifelong emblem of your commitment that reflects your individuality and captures the essence of your style and embrace of life. You can design wedding rings, or make an engagement ring inspired by nature. At Tiary we are now launching a custom engagement jewelry line. Product turnaround is two weeks or less from your order!

2) Ethical brilliance at a price you won't believe!

As someone who values responsible commerce and sustainability, you should consider a diamond made in a lab. This true diamond has the same chemical, structural, and optical properties as a diamond dug out of a mind. It is created in a controlled environment using advanced technology. We can tell you exactly where your gemstone comes from when it was made, and the source of the energy used to make it, which in some cases can be sustainable wind power.  You can avoid the sourcing, questionable traceability, or mining practices baggage that you don't want. You can wear the symbol of your commitment knowing that it aligns with your values and contributes to a more sustainable future. And don't look now!  A diamond made in a lab is 50%-70% less expensive than mined diamonds!  Can you say "three carats"?  You can go big and spend small! The beauty of a real diamond with a price point that lets you go for the big size? We’re dazzled by science!

3) Unmatched quality and beauty

A customized engagement ring with a diamond made in a lab features a flawless stone and faultless clarity and sparkle. And it is all about your choices, your style, your statement. A customized engagement ring with a diamond made in a lab has the same physical and chemical properties as a natural diamond and often with higher clarity and color grade. The clarity and sparkle are unbelievable! Any jeweler with a magnifying lupe will agree.

4) Style!

Our menu of customizable engagement rings connects you with some of the most exciting style choices for custom engagement jewelry. You can select classic round, oval, or heart-shaped, or even an elongated emerald cut stone. The elongated shape of the emerald cut creates an illusion of length and makes fingers appear more slender. And featuring a diamond made in a lab you won’t need to skimp on the size of the stone! An engagement ring Art Deco style has grace and timelessness that harkens back to one of the most classic styles of the era. Art Deco style is inspired by Asian, African, Native American, and Egyptian artifacts and artwork. It features graceful and striking interpretations of common geometric shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles, and circles. A gold ring wedding band paired with a diamond engagement ring packs a visual knockout punch you'll want to see!

5) A powerful symbol of forever

A radiant cut engagement ring is a flawless symbol of the eternal bond you share with your partner. A round diamond with a plain band exemplifies this simple and elegant perfection. A unique engagement ring not only celebrates your love, and supports innovative technological achievements, but also reflects your personality and style choices. Brilliant cut diamonds made in a lab are scientific hacks for the problems of blood diamonds.   You know exactly the time, date, and place that your diamond came from. Diamonds made in a lab represent the limitless possibilities of human achievement. You become part of this remarkable story, reminding yourself and others that love (and science) know no bounds.

A customizable engagement ring is a demonstration that the world is yours to embrace, and love is yours to celebrate.  We just launched a customizable engagement line. You can shop for a diamond ring, diamond earrings, a diamond grown in a lab, and all custom engagement jewelry.  You can infuse your love story with personality, style, energy, creativity, and ethical brilliance. Design a ring that captures the essence of your unique journey and symbolizes your values and commitment to a sustainable future. Let your customized engagement ring project a radiant reminder of boundless possibilities.