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Layering 101: why personalized necklaces are key to a layered look

Layering 101: why personalized necklaces are key to a layered look

Layered necklaces are the jewelry trend we can’t get enough of. From the international runways to the stars of Instagram, everyone’s wearing their favorite chains and pendants in artful stacks, and making it look effortless. Here’s how to create your own, unique take on the look — with personalized necklaces taking center stage.

Choose different chain lengths

The secret to layering success is simple: vary the lengths of your necklaces. This will give each of your pieces their own space to shine, instead of making them fight with each other for attention. We want to make it easy for you to layer your favorite pieces together and avoid the tangling of chains (we can all relate!). Choose between a 16”, 18” or 20” chain length and find something that best suits your neckline. And remember, all of our pieces come with a 1” shortening ring so you can switch up your look with different lengths everyday!

Tiary Layering 1Tiary Layering 2

The rule of three

If you’re a layering newbie looking to get started (or simply on the hunt for some new neck-party inspo), here are three easy ways to get the look.

  1. For your first, shortest tier, try something dainty like an understated letter necklace, or our Let’s Take a Dip Mini Necklace for a hint of sparkle.

  2. The middle layer is where a personalized piece can really take the spotlight. We love adding a name necklace to let your personality shine; or write it in lights with our pavé option. Alternatively, choose a pavé necklace featuring your birthstone, or take the opportunity to commemorate any changes in your life — whether that’s with a mom necklace, or, like Hailey Bieber, a necklace celebrating your new married name.

  3. Finally, your longest layer should draw the eye downwards. A necklace with a drop, like the Victim of Love Necklace or the Drop Me a Kiss Necklace, will have an elongating effect; or take it all the way with our Drops of Jupiter or She’s a Dreamer styles, which are available in maxi lengths. 

Of course, there are no actual rules when it comes to self expression — so if a fourth, or even a fifth, necklace wants to join the party then go ahead and let them in. And a two-necklace pairing can work great too; it’s all about finding the combination that makes you feel beautiful.

Tiary Layering 3Tiary Layering 4

Chain + charm = your layering hero

Ring the changes with A Simple Chain. Available in five different lengths, it makes a beautiful extra layer on its own, but feel free to personalize it by adding a charm or two. Don’t be afraid to pile them on: multiple charms will add weight to a mid-length necklace; or they’ll make a showstopping finish to your longest chain.

Tiary Layering 5Tiary Layering 6

Inspired to get creative? Whether it’s a discreet initial necklace at the heart of your look, or a twinkling pendant bearing your name, a personalized necklace will make your own layering combo truly individual.

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