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How to mix and match multiple earrings

Have you heard? There’s an ear party going on — and you’re invited. Constellation piercings and stacked earrings have been popping up on some of our favorite celebs, from Miley Cyrus to the undisputed queen of the multiple earrings look, Zoe Kravitz. And you don’t have to score an appointment with piercer-to-the-stars Maria Tash to jump on board. We’ve got a bunch of ideas on how to mix and match your studs, hoops and danglers to create a look that’s all your own. 

The curated ear is a thing — and we’re into it


We all hate playing favorites, so who can argue with a trend that lets you wear your most treasured earrings all at the same time? If you’ve been contemplating a new piercing, consider this the excuse you’ve been looking for: helix, daith or tragus piercing, anyone? Most of all, though, we just love the opportunity to get playful. Personalizing your jewelry is always a look we can get behind here at Tiary.

How to wear mismatched earrings


Mismatching your earrings is shaping up to be one of this season’s biggest jewelry directions, and you can take it as gently as you please. Our letter studs make it easy to add a little asymmetry — simply choose two different initials for a set that’s subtly off-kilter; alternatively, ready-made pairings like A Hug And A Kiss have already done the mismatching for you.Or why not wear a different drop earring in each ear for a look that’s straight off the runway?

Master the stacked earring


You’ve heard of bracelet stacks; now it’s time for a curation of studs, bars and mini hoops that snake elegantly up the ear. Combos we love? Try a line of matching studs in the same size for a pulled-together look, or break it up with a small hoop further up the ear to add contrast. We’re also big fans of finishing vertical ear stacks with a showstopping hoop or dangler at the lobe.

What are constellation earrings?

A major trend, constellations are delicate earrings arranged in clusters, just like the stars in the sky. A sneaky way to correct a misplaced piercing by placing another hole or two nearby, constellation earrings also make it possible to keep the action to the earlobe: perfect if you want to work the multiple earrings look without piercing any cartilage. Matching sets (try a pair of studs worn together in the same ear) or a mix of shapes (a stud with a hoop, say) both work equally well here. But we particularly love including sparkling pavé to represent the stars — because sometimes it’s fun to be literal like that.

The best earrings for mixing and matching


There’s actually no such thing as a wrong earring for this look, but building up a collection of smaller studs like our Curveball Mini Earrings or Tack It Up Earrings is a great place to start, before adding in hoops and more ornate danglers. A single hoop, customized with your favorite charms, adds personality to any curation. Whatever you choose, though, forget everything you’ve heard about sticking to odd numbers, or even to one precious metal. When you mix and match multiple earrings, it’s all about breaking the rules, so feel free to team sterling silver with white, rose or yellow gold earrings to create your own individual edit.  

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