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5 things to consider when you buy personalized jewelry as a gift

5 things to consider when you buy personalized jewelry as a gift

Thinking about treating someone in your life to personalized jewelry? We approve! Here are five elements to think about before you get creative — so that you can get it right first time.

Personalized Jewelery1


Make it meaningful with metal

Every piece of jewelry at Tiary comes with different customization options, but one thing we’ll always ask you to choose is the metal. So: It’s time for some homework! Have you noticed a preference for silver or gold? Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable to mix them up these days, and most women wear both. But if she tends to wear one or the other — or if she favors yellow, white or rose gold — make sure you personalize accordingly.

Personalized Jewelery2


Spell it out

From minimalist block lettering to sparkling pavé script, our popular name and initial jewelry has something to suit every style. What to write? Don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine (hey — your pet names are your business). We particularly love jewelry featuring both your initials, from our Open Letters ring to mismatched earrings with your initial in one ear and her own in the other.

Personalized Jewelery3


Your stone selection

Diamonds are forever… but when all our pavé styles give you the option to choose your gemstone, why not take the opportunity to create something truly personal? You could simply choose her favorite color; or try emerald, aquamarine or smoky topaz to bring out the color of her eyes. Birthday girls of every vintage, meanwhile, will love to receive a piece of jewelry personalized with their birthstone.

Personalized Jewelery4


Choose charms

Looking to make a personalized jewelry gift even more special? Try adding one (or more!) of our charms to a pendant, chain bracelet or even a hoop earring to give it a unique twist. There’s a charm for everything, from celebrating milestones (a Star of David makes a beautiful Bat Mitzvah gift) to reflect her personality — how about a cute paw print for the animal lover in your life?

Personalized Jewelery5


Have it engraved

If she likes to play things close to her chest, think about adding an engraving that only she can see. Many of the pieces in our Shaped and Elemental collections can be engraved on the inside for a discreet way to personalize your jewelry. Whether you choose your anniversary, the date you first met, or a cute nickname, she can wear your message every day — and nobody else need ever know.

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