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Sparkle with a Conscience: 4 Reasons to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds and Get an Incredible Deal!

Learn how lab grown diamonds revolutionized engagement jewelry with stunning price options - 3 carat stones priced like 1 carat stones, but without the mined diamonds baggage.

Hey, ladies! Are you thinking about adding some extra dazzle to your life? If you adore those beautiful stones that sparkle, then we've got an exciting proposition for you. Boom! Say hello to lab grown diamonds, the remarkable gems that are revolutionizing the diamond industry! If you're socially conscious about a diamond ring, diamond earrings, or the things you wear that let you sparkle, then you owe it to yourself to learn about a diamond made in a lab.

Here are four things to know!

1. You want the ethical shine

When it comes to diamonds, it's all about ethical sourcing. Unlike diamonds that are mined out of the ground, lab grown diamonds are conflict-free and ethically produced. You know exactly where they come from. For many people today that matters. If you ask where your diamond comes from at a traditional jewelry store listen to what they say. They may tell you the country of origin, but that's the best they can do. With a lab grown diamond you know the time, place, and exact location where the stone was created. Think about the ultimate princess jewelry: The classic oval engagement ring with sparkling pave band (try cranking up the stone size to 3 carats on the customizer!) What makes this big, pure stone more dazzling is a pure princess origin.

2. OMG, the affordability!

Let's face it, we must watch the budget! But we still want to indulge and life's little luxuries. A diamond made in a lab is chemically, structurally, and optically identical to a lab mined out of the ground. It’s the same! A lab grown diamond price carat costs 50% to 70% less! That's right! Check out a diamond price estimator for diamond synthetic price. Best quality diamond earrings at 1-carat? That's $2,500 or more for a mined stone! But be prepared to be amazed when you look at the price of our beautiful diamond earrings, which a jeweler will tell you are identical to diamonds dug out of the ground. Oh happy day!

3 Earth-friendly glamor

It's important for many people today to safeguard our planet. With lab-grown diamonds, you can embrace sustainability without sacrificing glamor. After all, your style is your expression. And with the value-per-carat proposition of laboratory gems, you can go big! This means a stunning lab diamond necklace pendant. This can also mean a multi-carat solitaire stone like an iconic emerald cut. The purity of the stone dominates. And the step-cut creates that "hall of mirrors" optical effect. Another option is to go full sparkle with a blazing round diamond set off by a firestorm of smaller diamonds in a pave band. A diamond ring, diamond earrings, a lab diamond engagement ring, all of these come in an array of shapes and styles that fit your unique taste. So go ahead, let your imagination run wild! Take a look at this beautiful stone and crank up the customizers to change the metal or stone size! The diamond made in a lab is identical to the one that comes out of the ground, but without using mercury to extract it or tearing up the countryside to find it. (And ooops! It costs a lot less!)

4. Cool cutting-edge technology

One of the coolest things behind a diamond ring, diamond earrings, a lab diamond engagement ring, is the inspiring science behind the creation of lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds use advanced technology that mimics the natural diamond formation process. It's fascinating to know that these glittering stones are born out of human ingenuity and innovation. It's cool to know that there's a science hack that can make something so beautiful and it's such a great price and without the conflict baggage of mined diamonds. Plus, the technology makes them cheaper! You can big with laboratory diamond rings at a fraction of the cost.

Lab grown diamonds offer a winning combination of traceability, affordability, style, sustainability, and inspiring technological magic! We've just launched a new line of customizable engagement rings made with lab grown diamonds. All of our engagement diamonds are lab grown. As of this writing, our vendors have agreed to phase out mined stones in favor of lab grown diamonds.

These dazzlers come at a fraction of the cost you're used to seeing in the display case! You can make a customized engagement ring to suit your sense of fashion and fun and the statement your choices make about the world around you. Lab grown diamonds are the perfect choice for young women who want to shine brightly while making a positive impact on the world. Come on! Play with the customizer to make carat weight super big! Embrace the sparkle with a clear conscience and join a revolution of lab grown diamonds!